Saturday, March 29, 2014

Keeping Broiler Chickens Well

Agriculture in Zambia. In which the announcement of the publication of the booklet "Keeping Broiler Chickens Well."

“Keeping Broiler Chickens Well”

has been written for the backyard and small scale chicken farmer who wants to rear chickens with a difference.

Chickens walking freely in and out of the chicken run.
The author promotes a manner of raising broiler chickens in which the well being of the chicken and of the consumer comes firsts. The small scale farmer, unlike the industrial producers, should not as a matter of routine put chicks on antibiotics from start to finish or treat them as part of a mechanical production process where numbers are more important than quality. You, broiler keeper, must seek to avoid antibiotics by good management and stay away from feed supplements that contain hormones and other undesirable substances. You, this booklet says, can avoid these and other harmful practices because you are a small scale grower. Exploit that position!

And, this booklet says, you consumer, be mindful of the fact that whatever has been put into this chicken might wind up in your very own system!!!

The writer: Alias O. Teur
The author is an artist/art teacher/cultural anthropologist/project manager/development worker/internet publicist who likes keeping chickens.