Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Betwixt and Between

Choma, 27 December 2010


We are between X-mass and New Year - a time to abolish the outdated and inaugurate the new.

This then is one of the new: an extension of existence by blogging.

It is a blogging taking off on (my) life in Zambia, labelled the z-factor experience, and will have sections on what I and my company do in this country. You may, in the course of time, find notes and observations about art, crafts, ethnography & antropology, family life, international development work, small scale organic agriculture, museums and events of daily live as come to be recorded in blog diary form. Indeed, there seems to be almost unlimited scope in choice of subjects and that is one exciting and stimulating aspect of this endeavour.

Hence cheers, to you, and myself, have good luck, sail with it, as the wind blows & as you please.